Xplorer 3D Setup Guide 

This guide will help you in getting started with Xplorer 3D Printer. 

Read The User Guide (Download Link Given Below) before getting started with anything!

Topics Covered in this setup guide:

1.Installing Drivers

2.Installing Xplorer Engine Software

3.Setting up Explorer Engine for first Use

4.Configuring Print Settings

5.Getting your First 3D Print

1.Driver Installation

Open the Drivers folder in given SD-Card or Download the setup from here.

Run the Setup

Agree with licence Terms & Click Install

Wait as it installs....

Select “Install this driver anyway” both the times when the Security Warning appears twice

Press OK

Install Complete! Click Finish

Now Connect Your 3D Printer :

1.Plug your printer to the Power Socket

2.Connect your printer to computer via USB Cable given

3.Switch ON the 3D Printer

4.Computer will detect and install your Printer

5.Printer Is now installed.

If anything goes wrong try installing the Driver manually with the given instructions in the SD-Card.

Your Printer is Now Ready!

Note the COM port where your printer is installed (like COM3 in this case). It’ll be used later for software settings.

2.Software Installation

Open Software folder in given SD-Card & Run the Xplorer Engine setup, or download the latest version from our website.

Agree with licence Terms & Click Install

Wait as it installs

To be continued.....